Thursday, August 29, 2019

Day Seized

Break out the champagne. Finally a ride with no terrible after effects with the bullshit that took out the entire Summer. Cameron Heights to Fort Edmonton and back on a loop that would have made even the shittiest Mom out there proud.

The ride took the paved to the Terwillegar multi use where temptations to ride singletrack were there but I stayed with the safety of the easy doubletrack. Eventually I found my calling and rode some skinny trails down to the parking lot where I eventually crossed and rode the dirty sex trail to Fort Edmonton bridge. The trails looked beaten and tethered, an old whore in a brothel in the 1800's would look fresh and young compared to the run down trails that were smacked around endlessly by careless users in a very wet season.

I crossed Fort Edmonton and rode up through the houses and back home. A day or two of rest now and hopefully back to regular blog posting.

Frozen Feet

Not too sure how many cultures deal with freezing feet and the pain that happens when they start warming up. I thought I was going to die on...