Saturday, October 26, 2019


Yes I do this at least two to three times a year. Well actually I'm betting that it happens more than that.  Improper ride wear planning in the changing seasons. I did go look for my winter gloves pre ride but a quick trip to the bike depot in the basement yielded no results.

So I ventured onward to the river valley with spring tights and summer gloves on a cold crisp day.

It was quickly when I knew I would probably be in trouble. In fact it was in the parking lot in Capilano. I rode on through Gold Digger sadly lacking any sort of fervor which I would usually have in these parts of the valley because they are simply quite fucking incredible. All I could think about were my hands.

With frozen hands and legs that seemed to be getting chilled I avoided Hustler and rode out of the valley in some sort of vain effort to try to make things better. Not the best plan as once in the open the wind attacked me making things much worse than they were.

Well shit mr loner bike guy. You look like a real idiot.

Ya well...

I did finish the ride with just over ten kilometers. How epic of a Saturday bike ride this was.

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