Thursday, November 21, 2019

Gas Emptied in Terwillegar

I had talked with some people at work in regards to what bike I would be taking out today. The conditions at the time told me it was more than likely gonna be shitbike weather. I stuck my head out the door this morning and realized I would be fine with the fat bike.

Just like that dopey white guy with the Chinese lettered neck tattoo that just says "the." I would have been as clueless as that dumb fuck going in to today's ride but I wasn't baby! I had the right bike for the right trails. I looked like a champion amongst champions.

The ride in Terwillegar took me from Staff College to Go Trail and Flat Pete for a Fort Edmonton visit and return home. Have I mentioned the Flat Pete extension here yet? Pretty sure I have. It is a carbon copy of the original Flat Pete with the exception of the drop into the mini gully (is that the right word? Oh well) I know you all get what I threw down. The new extension avoids BDSM which is fan-fucking-fantastic. The Log trail links up the Flat Pete trails and it is a very good little excursion. Very unchallenging but fun. Hard to explain.

The ride ended with a lame ride through residential after blowing up before the start of Go Trail. Hell... I didn't even want to ride the multi use.

Snow conditions today. Very good, A couple slips on corners but things are prime right now. Get out there chumps.

we live in real weird times

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