Thursday, December 26, 2019

Last Roll of Twenty One Nine?

What is most likely going to be the last ride of the year and the whole process was amaze. All from the drive to the trailhead... ok wait! The drive to the trails was not spectacular in any shape or form. I feel like that part of the story was rushed in with great exuberance. It was just a drive to the trailhead, I mean the drive to the trails is is usually pretty mundane, I really feel I should let you the reader, know that.

Can we move on now?

The fun didn't start till the five inch wheels started rolling in the old school Mill Creek parking area. The ride took me out to Lower Ewok river trail and I climbed up and rode the mid range Ewok trails back.

Everything was amazing today. It was short but another strong contender for a top five ride of the year. The snow was good (not great) and the lighting was spectacular. Especially coming back westward through mid Ewok. More moments of sadness for people who do not ride bikes and experience the things we get to experience.

The ride ended. The singletrack, the bike and every other faucet of riding today was completely on point.

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