Monday, January 20, 2020

Cabin Fever Ends Now

Finally. A respite from the bitter cold that enveloped the area for the last week. Wait... respite? I don't think the forecast calls for more -30 or colder temps for a while. So it would appear I chose the wrong word in my opening.

Well dammit. How could I go on now? I'm sure that wasn't the first grammatical error done on here but come on man. I'm in the middle of working on the best rides of Lonebiker history and I think my deep inner voice came out and wanted to impress me with a big word. In the end it made me look like a total idiot. Well shit. What now?

*intern leans in.. "your doing a ride report sir."

Oh crap. Yes. Terwillegar and the area was chosen for today's excursion. The ride started at Staff College where quickly Go trail was ridden. The snow today was not great. In fact it was a bit shitty but I am not complaining cause the whole overall feel of the ride was quite glorious. Blame nearding out on plastic models for four days for this amazing feeling of going outside.

Lots of tracks from other riders with quite a few slide offs of the trail as witnessed by the snow. I had my own number of slide offs and mini wipe outs as a narrow path was there but if you stray off the loose snow would suck you in.

Now don't listen to this and hide in your basement with your stupid fuckin peleton bike! Throw that piece of shit in the garbage and get out there you chumps! Despite the loose snow things are still very good. I mean we could have hardly any snow and iced trails.

I'll choose this.

Best ride of the year so far? Hell yeah! *intern leans again.. "I KNOW THIS IS MY SECOND RIDE ASSHOLE! GET OUT, YOUR FIRED!" I bellowed before he had a chance to speak.

Here is hoping this trend continues before work begins soon... Feel guilty for not riding in the cold now. Whoop... that guilt feeling went away quickly.

potty break at the famed flat pete dip (yes, i crashed hard here) 
the entrance to selkirk knights, this made it easy to pass by and ride paved

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