Thursday, February 13, 2020

Avoiding the Temptation

I think most guys my age have temptations of a different sort than I did today. Not gonna lie and say I am all mighty and holy and never am tempted but todays temptations were of a different nature.

The ride today was merely a stretching of the legs and a return back to normalcy after another work week came to an end. I wanted to just do a short roll through the woods which I did but the allurement of a longer ride on more trails was just as strong as Lana Del Ray standing at the door with the promise of a private jet ride to her home in California to hang out and play Yahtzee.

I wouldn't do that to my wife and I didn't do that to my legs today. It was a short roll from Old Timers to the High Level and across with a return on the north side and Mill Creek. The ride today was quite great. The euphoric feelings of the trees whizzing by as I rode through the snow was quite the start I needed for days off. Especially after a poor ride effort last time I was off which started with such incredible promise.

The snow that fell wreaking havoc on Edmonton roads a few days ago made things a bit challenging as most of the singletrack was stamped down but with a narrow line. That meant very careful steering was needed to avoid getting sucked into the soft powder, I like to think I handled most so whatcha gonna do?

*Edit, my dumb apple computer autocorrected the last sentance. Upon investigation we decided to just leave it as I could not remember what was intended to be typed. So we just left it as this.

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