Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Born and Raised

A short roll through the Capilano area on a cold day. I remember going to the town of Glendon quite regularly as a child as my parents were friends with a motel owner where I would torture a cat by throwing it in the pool on a regular basis and laughing my ass off. Young boys are horrible aren't they? I mean really... How did my wife stay with me knowing this story?

I do remember my Mom telling me to sit and wait for forty minutes after eating before swimming and that's what I should have done today. Lonebiker Junior brought home a burrito prior to the ride and I inhaled it and drove straight to the trail. So cramping ensued in the beginning putting a damper on the ride. Damn it! Why did I not remember my Mothers advice?

Epic Winter conditions are present in the valley now and it was amazing to ride through. Thanks to the holiday Monday people had packed down quite a bit of trail, the usual narrow trails existed with the sides pulling you in if you weren't careful.

The porno trail was ridden backwards for the first time which meant lots of bike pushing up the hills in the fresh snow, once I looped around the bridge it was quite epic.

Have I mentioned before that riding is fucking epic? Well it is. Get off those dumb peloton trainers and get out there kids!

cameras suck for picking up the incredible, you got to just see for yourself, throw those lame peloton's in the garbage
warmth galore

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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