Friday, February 28, 2020

No Rest

I always go into the set of days off after working a week of nights with a medium sense of trepidation that I will surely be a big bag of shit for the week off and will barely ride my bike. That is something that usually comes to fruition quite quickly and today it did not hold back.

Just like that annoying fucktard at work coming up to your cubicle every twenty minutes to ask if your having fun at work and to let you know his dumb nightly Netflix routine. That's what my listless, beat and exhausted body did to me before today's ride. It came up to me and sucked what little life I had in my tired body right out in the manner of seconds.

I love working nights, I fucking hate recovering from them.

Mill Creek with a journey out to Ewoks lower river (yes I know it has a name but that's what I call it.)trail and up to the middle multi use path where I tucked into the singletrack as I just wanted to enjoy life. How many times have I done this route in my life? Sheeit... I did loop back through Old Timers and back into Blue Man group with intentions of riding the high side milker singletrack. Fatigue kept me off and soon I was on paved cruising home.

In the end, the ride was great kids. I was a pile of shit but picked the best place in the world to be when feeling like a sloth.

*yes, the alexisonfire songs will keep naming rides on here until management decides to change things, this one is really quite fitting.

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