Sunday, August 2, 2020

Beer Friday. Moosehead, Radler

Good evening, apparently the word on the street is this is a long weekend so doing a beer review on a Sunday night may not be so strange after all. Well we have done reviews on Monday and Sunday nights in the past so in the end when working shift work, all sorts of beer reviewed organization is thrown out the window. 

With a very stressful week passing by after dealing with a seriously bad situation when I killed my daughters bird shutting her bedroom door. Yes, a huge accident which probably traumatized Lonebiker Jr quite badly. Many of the things that went down that day were quite sad and it will take a bit for the female side of the family to get through this. Yes, you may skoff at reading it was just a bird but if you knew the situation it would probably make you tear up. 

This combined with the super hot weather has been a bit of a drag. The rides I went on were short and overheated. The thought of a nice grapefruit beer or as they say in the genius brewery world. A Radler. In my opinion the most refreshing summer drink you could have.. Well, one of the most. 

We poured and a beautiful delicious most amazing (remember, it's hot as fuck and I'm thirsty so I am tending to work off emotion) shined brightly like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Well, it looked fine, as you can see in the picture below. We sipped and were rewarded with a refreshing summer alcohol drink that pleased alot of senses. The perfect thing to have on a hot day. A Radler, and Moosehead did a fine job of crafting one. You will find heavy notes of citrus in this one with hints of lemon The beer has a nice mix of citrus goodness that blends in well with the malts. To some, the citrus might be a bit too heavy. This one does seem a bit heavier than the other radler's I have tried. Then again, it's been so long I probably wouldn't remember. 

Like a whole year. Dude... that's a long time. 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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