Monday, August 10, 2020

See Ya Marley

On what should have been the usual music video is now a tribute to Marley. Aka, the Lonebiker Wonder dog. I honestly never called her that on here. Her health took a very serious downturn this morning when I got home from work and we sadly had to put her down.

Sadly. This could not have come at a worst time as other quite dramatic events have happened in the last two weeks making me wonder if we should start filming a reality show here at Lb headquarters.

Marley made her debut on here as a puppers and grew up to be one of the best behaved dogs we could have ever wanted. Shaming our other dog daily with good behaviour. "You hear that Mojo!? You her that!? < That is the dog that doesn't behave so well.

The two dogs were awesome companions and surely best of friends. They had become inseparable over the years and even mimicked each other in their sleeping patterns which melted Mrs Lonebikers heart to no end on a daily occurrence.

I know a tribute to a fallen pet isn't the happiest of posts on a bike blog but her fame has found its way on here via beer review pics and mentions. Plus, she was quite awesome.

Fook me... I need a bike ride.

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