Sunday, September 13, 2020

Beaumont the Not so Great

The need to live somewhere cool has never been more of a standout. When you only have about an hour to ride in the day it would be nice to open the door and enter some sort of singletrack. Instead I get paved paths full of white people with dumb smiles walking down the paths with their dogs or pushing a stroller. The women smile until you get close and that friendly and somewhat phoney psychotic  smile quickly turns to a scowl as they see you are not slowing down. Yes, everything is in complete control, they just don't see it that way even when you go off path through the grass when passing.

Which is why I love the river valley as people down there are used to the common traffic. The odd clueless wanderer does make their way down to the valley but that is because they are from places like this.

Today was the end result of a no bike ride day turned into a ride. With about an hour and a half window I needed to ride for the soul and that I did.

In the end, Beaumont is incredibly nice and safe. It's a nice place to live it just sucks for anything mountain bike related.

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