Monday, September 28, 2020

South West Monday

To the land of white people drinking Starbucks! 

That was the call of the day on a roll where I just wanted to hang out and play Angry Birds on my iPad whilst slipping some sort of Starbucks cold drink. You know why? Cause I'm white as fuck too!

Well truth be told. Not a big Starbucks person. I am however a big ride your bike person and that theme of life resonated well today after a ride with the brethren folk yesterday had me moving slow around the house this morning. 

There I was thinking stupid things like:

*"Hey, I should fix the hole in my bathroom"

* "Damn... the backyard lawn needs some serious mowing. Where are my Skechers?"

* "You know... I should clean out the garage."

* "I should watch some episodes of the View."

* "Damn... Haven't been to Peters drive in yet. Is it worth the long lineup? Let's find out!"

You see... All very stupid ideas. 

The ride started near Staff College. The legs held up on Go Trail and took me the outside Terwillegar Park loop amongst the dog walkers. I crossed the river and was in Oliskew where I was already a bit flabberghasted at the amount of people out. It is a Monday, I do know there is a pandemic but are that many people still off work? Or just laid off. A scary thought which I put behind me quickly thanks to the power of the bike. 

Lots of boomers on E-bikes greeted me in the area as I rolled through the easier side of Oliskew's BDSM trail where I contemplated going down to the river beach for some pics of the sexy Altitude. As you can see by the lack of beach/bridge pics I didn't make it down there.

I had a quick break on the Fort Edmonton bridge and returned via Flat Pete and the log trail where oddly I got a personal record for the fastest time on my Strava. I'm honestly not bragging, just confused. I mean I was almost in the lowest granny ring as I rolled through. Hey... Maybe that's the ticket?

Once across the bridge again I was done. I barely climbed up into the hills to make my way back to the Jeep. I was done. Possibly from giving her too hard on the Flat Pete area (interns play laugh track now.)

Maybe I did kill it in there.. I don't remember stopping. It's just... I swear I wasn't giving much effort. 

Get out there. It's amaze. 


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