Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A New Bike, New Bridges, Log Rides and Some Brethren Respect

A damn fine day for a bike ride. A full brethren meet up which is a rarity on a Wednesday afternoon but that's just the way it worked out. 

The highlight of the day easily was seeing Jason's new custom built Rolling Dale titanium hardtail. A pure sexy beast of a bike which I'll admit, made me wonder about looks in the preliminary drawings. Seeing it on the trails for the first time today (well, we did run into each other previously on the trails.) This is a bike that belongs in the valley singletrack. It definitely fit in well and just seemed to belong in the woods. 

Not gonna lie, might have a few odd dreams in the coming nights, dear God, hope the Moots doesn't get jealous.

Kent was there of course on his still shiny new Ibis making me feel a tad inferior on my Altitude. We started at Old Timers and dipped our toes in the local offerings down below before booking it east towards Capilano. 

The trails were pretty much perfect. Patches of frost here and there kept us on our toes, the bikes and riders did a bang up job of ruling the singletrack through Ewok, Caddytrack and everything else until we got to MoonRaker... Aww damn it. Is it MoonRaker? 

Seriously? This shit again?

Fuck it. It's MoonRaker.

We turned around after MoonRaker and rode the exact same trails going westward making them completely different and making us completely happy. 

I would write more but the photo setup took a very long time. Apologies to all if you are upset. 

A top notch ride. Will we see this in the top five? Hmmm.... Well it definitely won't be in the top five worst. Jason and Kent showing up made a very promising lame pre work ride an absolute killer. 

Edit.. I left too early. The bridge work in the Edmonton Queen , Cloverdale Bridge detour did a phenomenal job. A serious hats off to the people who do the work on these trails making Edmonton the little hidden mountain bike gem that it is. 


*Photo Credits
Jason Kirkpatrick From top down. Photo #2, #5, #7, #8,#11,#12
Kent Steeves. #10
All others. The Trees. 

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