Friday, November 20, 2020

A Failed Start to the 2020-2021 Winter Season

 Woe is me... What can I say other than "holy shit that was a lame ride." Calling it now, worst ride of the year at the year end Lonebiker Awards.

At the beginning of RayGun I seem to have lost my pedal. The ride was garbage to say the least as I couldn't hold a line to save my life. I unexpectedly held back a much faster dude and his dog. Terribly sorry if you happen to come across this. It was a weird feeling for a little while and I could not clip into my pedal. A somewhat steep climb was what clued me in as my foot slipped off resulting in an almost decapitation of Lonebiker Jr but that sweet 907 sloping top tube saved my boys. 

I swore a few times and took a couple pics for the blog and started on my way back in search of the missing pedal. It was not located sadly so he will be missed as well as my Garmin GPS that flew away a while back. A much worse feeling than a pedal. 

The incredible awkward ride back took more time than it should of as I had no control as all my concentration was on my right foot trying to pedal on a skinny spindle on what felt like a very squirmy bike. 

The ride ended by riding the paved trails along saskatchewan drive. 

Pure epic amaze kids.


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