Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Fat One Returns

No, the title was not referring to myself. So stop it you assholes. 

The fat bike returns after a short lull in riding. Lots of life has been getting in the way lately and with the winter bike down with some minor issues I took some time today and repaired it and after a short shopping trip with my youngest child I returned to the valley and all its amazing splendour. 

The ride was very chillaxed and some would say boring given all the singletrack in the area that I snubbed. Whenever I have some time off the bike I like to ease back into things and tonight was a prime example. Not one trail was ridden other than multi use. 

From the top of the valley near End of the World I departed towards Foote Field and looped to the Talus Dome and Laurier for a return up the terrible Groat climb back to Saskatchewan Drive.

Everything about that valley is just perfect. It's funny how some absence from it shows you the hidden little gems when you return. The smells, the feel of the air on your face, the sound of your bike freewheel whirring through the trees... 

Sigh.. so awesome. 

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