Friday, January 1, 2021

Beer New Years. Fernie Brewing, Black Mammoth Winter Ale

 Well, here we are. 


A new year with new challenges and problems. Judging from my trip to social media avenue last night it would seem that a lot of people genuinely believe that Covid will go away with 2020. Yes, once the calendar is changed out this pesky virus will pack it's bags, shed a few tears and vanish like magic because it was the dated year that brought in covid and not an unfortunate circumstance. 

I did begin to wonder how surprised these people will be when they see more covid numbers in the news in 2021. 

I would like to call out on the stupidity of humanity now but that has already been well proven last year with the toilet paper hoarding clan and my personal favourite. The anti-maskers.  

Thankfully, I ride bikes and could give two shits about what is happening in the world unless it of course affects my family, which covid did sadly. 

Currently in the Lonebiker shop we are working on the top 5 lists for the year. They have all been sent into headquarters for review and I plan on doing the write ups and have them posted after the 7th of January once I return to work. It will be the usual top 5 rides, worst rides and top beer reviews. 

Out of all the lists the beer reviews are the hardest to tier for a list as most of the beers are high quality and lots hit 4 suds and higher. So we will have to deconstruct every beer review this year with 4 suds or higher and painstakingly tear apart each word which would help us get a champion.

We are changing the beer list this year as instead of a top five we are having the official "Lonebiker Beer of the Year." with two runners up and two honourable mentions. 

So basically a top five list...

Fernie brewing has been on here quite a bit. This one came as a Christmas gift from a brethren member by the name of Kent. We poured into our tester mug and a glorious dark mattered entity filled our glass adorned with a two fingered head that slowly dissipated with a strong tease that this will leave tracing down the glass. 

It had smelled of citrus with hints of vanilla cake,call me strange but after I typed that I had another smell and yes.. That is what I got. It tasted like a winner. This is exactly what a great craft beer should taste like. A full bodied dark beer in the dead of Winter is one of life's great pleasures and Fernie brewing nailed it with this Winter Ale.  Tastes of chocolate, malt with a lemony orange hue round this one out. I was getting hints of cocoa and nut as well. 

Really though, this one is full of flavour and I recommend you find this one fast. 

This beer gets 5 suds out of 5. 


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