Thursday, May 6, 2021

Ten Kms Deserves an Ovation

This should have been a beer review as the ride wasn't worth much other than a small victory in getting outside. With work ending yesterday I woke up quite tired and did force my way outside  on a bike thinking that would trigger the amaze that is riding and it didn't. Oddly, that usually works but sometimes it does nothing. Pushing two full sacks of flower aka my legs through about 10 km of paved and multi use territory on a short loop from Emily Murphy to Hawerlak and across the bridge and back via Mackinnon. 

I stayed on paved in Mackinnon the whole time...

Ya, I know..

I hate rides like this. Tired and unmotivated. The Emily Murphy to Hawerlak multi use took me out and I sat by the Hawerlak bridge linking up Karenville for about ten minutes trying to plan a proper course of direction. I crossed and started to head back with plans on riding the Boardwalk climb out to the top instead of the hard one.

I chose the hard climb out to try and earn some respect back for myself and luckily conquered it. I even got an ovation from a family of hikers halfway up. 

Oh the inspiration!

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