Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Ride Yellow

A ride that started out quite meh and turned into something sort of special and I owe the awesome conditions for the turn around. 

I was not into this at all as there is lots happening at Lonebiker headquarters starting today until Friday. With our pupper Mojo going under for surgery today it was a big thing which had me distracted on the start of the ride. 

By the time I was three quarters through Ray Gun on the climb up after Silver Fox I still was not feeling it one bit. I mean those kickass switchbacks on Silver Fox would have put me in the mood right? This is the trail and the switchback sections are automatically where my head goes when I am working and start thinking about riding bikes. I think switchbacks have some sort of magical potion that when you rub it as you enter you become enlightened and one with the trail. 

Kinda like switchbacks are the Ghandi of mountain biking?

So the switchback didn't work and I rode Machete down, crossed the river via Hawerlak and rode up the harder climb up to the top of the valley in an effort to make the brethren members proud. Knowing they would be proud I was ready to ride and not keep thinking about turning around. From there I rode to the start of Mackinnons Root Canal (another great trail name) and Back Breaker (it was better and more Back Breakerish a few years ago) Oh look at me all Judgy judgy again. I don't care, I do feel that a lot of folks would agree too. 

I took the extension Money Shot and remembered why I never ride it. The sudden straight up climbs would make the average rider 'Hard as Fuck' if he rode it consistently though so I guess there is that but the flow of the trail is not there at all. As much as I can complain about Back Breaker that trail still flows like a motherfucker, they just bubble wrapped the once incredibly great section that ended it. So it is a bit of a disappointment to go from that fine flow to Money Shot

To end the fun I rode up and down Groat Road Rollercoaster (Lovers Lane) and had some more time with my lady Victoria who I am glad to report, all things are just great! This time I rode the downhillish version as I started at the Original Joes up top instead of Victoria Trail down below which took me through a few times prior.

All things amaze. get out there kids.

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