Friday, February 11, 2022

Operation Suckfest

By far the worst trail conditions I have seen in a while all thanks to another bullshit Winter.

 Another  warm snap hit the area after some more extreme cold resulting in extremely iced up trails and I am pretty sure I chose to ride one of the worst ones. Some obvious bad decisions were made when I wandered up to the start of the Victoria Secret entrance. But it is my girl, I had to see her.

This is a very heavily sun exposed trail and the ice was the result and believe me. I know better, I just had to see for myself.  The ride up to it started at Strathcona High School parking lot where an enraged crazy man was wandering through yelling at everything and everybody coming my way. I waited for him to pass as a young girl was walking to her car by herself and with that guy there I was a bit worried so I hung around cause you know...

From the school and the mad man it was a ride through Whyte and across the new Walterdale where some pocket marked trails were ridden and they were of course in terrible condition from the warm weather and people walking on them.

Victoria Secret didn't last long as the ice was over the top. I retreated from that and instantly killed the ride and made my way home. I did see the High Level bridge and decided I would cross that to try and add some sort of pizazz to a very dull ride.

This won't be good for the week...

almost a big ice wipe out followed up by a much appropriate potty break 

march? is it mid march?

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