Sunday, March 13, 2022

Cool Rolling

A dip into Terwillegar and back as a Fort Edmonton start on a much colder day than yesterday where I left still dressed for warmer weather thinking it was still like yesterday.

You would hope after countless years of riding in the changing Alberta seasons I would know a thing or two about layers and prepping for the temperature drops but nope. I am not that mentally well developed as a seasoned cyclist and have been burned before by piss poor clothing decisions and the changing Canadian weather. 

Hell. Even discussing what tights to wear is a topic that will surely get Mrs Lonebikers motor running as she imagines me straddling a top tube in my spring biking skivvies. 

But do you think I had that talk with her today? Hell no.

Those are the ones worn today. Usually reserved for zero degree and up to about ten degrees. Not - 12 or whatever it was today. 

I did survive but I did shorten the route a bit. 

It was the Flat Petes and the log trail after a high sided paved Fort Edmonton start. Silly dreams of Selkirk Knights danced in my head but were quickly laughed out. I made it up into the hills of Terwillegar away from all the freaks... Well, actually. No freaks were out today as it was cold as shit. The valley was full of seasoned valley dwellers and it showed whenever I had to pass by someone. I love the shit weather for this very aspect. 

I had hoped to cross the Anthony Henday and ride Bottle Rocket and hang out in Cameron Heights for a minute but I was quite cold. A game time decision was made to ride the two Petes and the log trail again. I didn't like the decision at first but warmed up to the windy and wandering aimlessly trails.

not captured in the pic but a layer of ice was on top of the snow creating zero issues

This is Getting Repetitive

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