Tuesday, June 21, 2022

That's Not How You Spend Solstice!

A local ride so not much of write up. Work looms already tomorrow for training so I am hoping a ride can be sneaked in after.

The bike is fresh from Kent's workshop where I have never had the bike in what seemed like pristine new condition. Besides the scratched and worn out stickers. The bike ran top notch so a huge shout out his way. His instagram handle @Kentsteeves. 

A new helmet courtesy of Fathers day was worn for the first time and it got high marks.It is a Bontrager Rage? Not quite sure but has the wave cell technology which was really cool. The helmet seemed like it was glued to my head.

oh you cleaned up sexy bitch you!

the new protection, can see lacing through the vents. most comfortable helmet so far

this town does have its cool spots

this looked so promising… 

Info on Wavecell helmets. click me

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