Monday, July 4, 2022

Aimless Rolling

You can probably ride on the trails now but I chose not too as there would be puddles in all the usual areas with snotty spots here and there. With my mind set to pavement I kind of strongly suggested staying to paved when talking to Kent pre ride. 

Yes guys, I can be a bit of a diva sometimes

It was an unexpected meet up with Kent today and we started in Terwillegar and found the valley and quickly crossed the river into Oliskew. Sadly my legs were quite sore in the beginning and Kent had a big run earlier in the day.

I had plans on today being a bigger ride than usual. 

Looking back now we probably should have focused on trails as we aimlessly rode through the fine but not fine city of Edmonton finding back alleys and pathways to worm our way through the city. 

Focusing on riding back alleys can be interesting as the city never lets you know its true flavour until you find yourself in an alleyway. 

The smells of the alleys downtown had everything from marijuana to cigarettes to human feces which ironically smelled better than the pot and cigarette smoke. 

Some of the alleyways would probably be best ridden on a fat bike. The ruts and pot holes were over the top. Kent's gravel grinder handled them well but kids, let me just say… Kent rides like a champ. 

With rain in the area we had missed it all and rode through the alleyways of Old Strathcona after what looked like a heavy rain had rolled through prior to our arrival. With no rain wear brought along it could have sucked pretty hard. 

It was agreed in the end that even though it was just a meh ride, it was also agreed in the end that it beat doing anything around the house or in the house. 

*Kent Steeves, top pic and easily best pic.
Terribly sorry about lack and low quality pics from my end. 

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