Sunday, August 14, 2022

MillCreek Soul Crusher

 More shit riding was had making me wonder if I Should have just stayed in Beaumont again. Was it nightshift recovery or was it August? The last set of nights off I had one of the best days of the year on a bike, so I don't really get it. 

I'll try to make this one interesting at least and not leave with three sentences so I could hang out with Mrs Lonebiker and watch The Office re-runs and pointlessly scrolling Instagram and Reddit on my phone and getting annoyed at the Influencers on Instagram and pretty much 99 percent of the ones who are pretentious douchebags on Reddit. 

I started near the murder tree, also known as the classic Lonebiker Mill Creek parking spot. Some old man knee pain had me worried but I seemed to ride fine with nothing. The only issue was the serious lack of energy which was way worse than yesterdays ride here in town. 

I didn't even want to get off the pavement.

So I rode on through the great MillCreek on paved knowing I won't be long and pondered my turn around points. I could have returned back on the upper multi use after taking the lower multi use as the pavement was getting tiring. I chose to cross the Tawatinâ bridge and boomerang back via the Low Level which made a nine kilometre ride eleven. *interns and executives immediately stood and applauded my decision. 

The return trip had the lower multi use with a very pathetic climb out about midway where paved took me back. The ride was pathetic and short but featured all the great you get from people in the river valley on a nice Sunday August afternoon. Old Boomers on E bikes (fuckin everywhere) a heavy amount of pot smokers with no shame who openly smoke in front of people. I remember the good old days when they would keep it discrete. 

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