Monday, September 12, 2022

Beaumont Country Rollin

I guess I should have taken more pictures but its right out my backdoor so I take it for granted. That's the beauty of living in a small town. Well it calls itself a city but you can cross it in about five minutes on a bike so I hardly think city when I think of my town. 

I wish they would keep it small but the douchebags who run this place have serious hard ons for overgrowth. Hence many new shitbag neighbourhoods with poorly built homes built way too close together are taking over my poor town. 

It was one of those neighbourhoods that I rode through when I started my planned Beaumont ride which made me quickly made the decision to ride out into the country. Not the ride I had planned for today but when one of your kids needs you plans can easily change.The ride that did happen was a nice stress relief as it sucks to see someone you love so much go through shit. 

It was a stress relief ride but I couldn't imagine buying a road bike and doing this regularly. It seemed like I was staring at endless miles of pavement and with a headwind the experience was absolute nowhere compared to yesterdays. Yes I know I was riding the completely wrong bike.

The Eagle Rock Golf course was the destination but I didn't make it from football night time constraints and poor acreage developments with dead ends.

The highlight of the ride was scaring some cows trying to take a selfie. Oh what an epic douche I am. 

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