Saturday, September 10, 2022

New Garmin Debut


Sorry kids. I had a number of insane things that have happened since I tried doing this here blog post. A new Garmin has been purchased and it is pretty nice. The Edge 130 plus will now take over the phone again after having a donated Garmin not work properly due to a new laptop purchase. 

The ride was crap. Night shift legs kept me slow and lethargic and I threw in the towel on the ride. We hope to get out tomorrow where I can give more enlightenment on the new GPS. There were things I loved about it and things I find that will annoy me after a while. 

The ride? Strathcona High to 7Up HitUp  via a bike lane and down in the valley. I knew I was done at shiny balls and turned around. 

More on the 310 next ride. 

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