Thursday, September 22, 2022

September the Great

An exceptional ride on an exceptional day where the glorious day shift days off have officially begun.

Oh yes day shift days off. The one week where I have a full day ahead of me and I wake up at about seven at the latest. As opposed to the night shift week where I sleep till 11 at the earliest and one or sometimes later, this sleeping in happens late into the week. I remember waking up at 4 one day when I had to start days after a full week off. 

It was brutal.

But the ending to dayshift always gathers a Bikini Atoll mushroom cloud of happy emotions. Which is what I had today but I was sore and tired because I am old and somewhat decrepit. 

So I took it easy. I had flirted with a trip to Fort Saskatchewan as it's nice to ride when out of sorts physically. Fort Saskatchewan has challenging trails  but it is easy aerobically. making it the perfect destination for today. 

But I chose Mill Creek. Not a fancy mountain bike ride which where my new GPS seems to humiliate me as I am forced to enter "mountain bike ride" on the tracking but knowing full well I wouldn't be on singletrack for a minute for two on todays roll.

Something I don't like about the new GPS. why is there no selection for 'Bike Ride.' 

Just going on a bike ride… Thats all. But you must choose between commute, Mountain bike, gravel or road. What's wrong with just 'bike ride?' I mean come on...

Sorry to ramble.

The ride featured two… Thats right bitches. Two Tawatinâ bridge crossings going the same way in one ride. Thats right, that happened.

It was multi use and paved with a smattering of singletrack here and there. Well maybe a bit more than I thought. Nothing overly memorable on this one other than the trails and bike being as fun as ever.  Dawson bridge and the Walterdale took me back on the return loops with Tawatinâ slinging me north twice. 

A top notch way to start a good week. The September air was beyond awesome. I love my country.  

ahh yes… just leave that right there

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