Saturday, November 5, 2022

Update Saturday

Well it appears that fat bike season is commencing whether we like it or not and I am pretty sure that is how fatbike season starts in the middle of Alberta, with a big ass snowstorm if we are ready for it or not, we are usually never ready. 

How else would Winter start here?  

This is not my normal sluggish coming off nights set off I have been down and out with a real bad cold since Tuesday with no sign of letting up. Well it did let up a little hence I can post today. 

Rides this week are extremely doubtful. We have been working with the beer review team on setting up for something this week but my taste buds are all screwed up and damnit an unfair lonebiker beer review is just not fair to the brewing industry!

So if you are out and about on the trails enjoy it kids. I will be here being miserable. 

Will see ya whenever…

This is some good shit right here 👇

Beer Friday. 88 Brewing, Total Eclipse Black pilsner

 Ugh... this beer will be a sweet relief after a rather lame day all thanks to the annual Doctor's visit. After the Doctors I was on the...