Saturday, December 24, 2022

Beer Christmas Eve. Fernie Brewing, Java the Hut Coffee Milk Stout

 Well here we are on another Christmas Eve. A different type of Christmas is in the works as night shift has been showing it's fury. A three day break is just what the doctor ordered and a fresh round of gift giving and festivities swarmed through the Lonebiker headquarters. All is quiet now with the exception of a few interns and the relevant members of the beer review team.  Lana Del Ray is of course playing throughout the speaker system singing Tulsa Jesus Freak. A song much apropos for Christmas. 

I'm just kidding, no it's not.

Fernie Brewing is up with their Java the Hut Coffee Milk Stout. A definite top notch addition for a Christmas craft beer Christmas miracle. Crowsnest Coffee is a definite favourite of mine which I enjoy on those glorious days off is a part of this brewing process. This seasonal beer just screams Christmas to me. A few years ago if I heard Crowsnest Coffee was teaming up with Fernie to make a seasonal Winter beer I would hAVE PROBABLY LOST MY SHIT. Oh look, caps lock was on. I'll just leave it be.

We poured this dark Wintery beauty into the Hardcore bikes beer stein and it gave a picture perfect two fingered head. The head and the dark look of this one gave me an odd feeling of warm comfort on a cold Christmas Eve night. Oh shit, maybe I have a drinking problem for me to feel that way about a beer. Ah… oh well. 

Let's try to enjoy this one. A nice roasted malt mixed with coffee and some vanilla. It had quite a bit to offer as we sipped this one down. A definite "I'll just have one" type of beer as it is a bit heavy. I could not find much of the coffee taste so far.. Hold on, I'll try another sip. Nope I am not getting much of a coffee vibe here. It has lots of nice offerings in the taste department. Toffee and vanilla come into play as you down this after a nice smooth sip of roasted malt with what I thought were traces of black liquorice. I hate black liquorice and it works with this one. 

Way to go Fernie.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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