Friday, December 2, 2022

Beer Friday. Sea Change, Jelena IPA

Back to another Beer Friday on a cold Canadian night here in Beaumont and guess what kids? This one is local. I mean local to Lonebiker type local. I think if you are a regular reader to this here blog I am sure you will have already known this fact that Sea Change has a spot here in town.

It is night shift recovery week and I am the usual bag of useless shit we all have come to know and love. A ride is tentative for tomorrow but we shall see happens as these days are quite shifty when it comes to knowing how you will feel the next hour. Chances are fatigue and sluggishness will be centre stage tomorrow again but for the love of god I will try and squeeze a bike ride in.

This is a brand new heavy hitting IPA that Sea Change has just brought out. I am not too sure if it is a seasonal beer or if it is going into their full time lineup. This one was named after 8 time world boxing champion Jelena Mrdjenovich, hence the boxer girl on the can. Why she has two heads? I have no idea and if you really want to know go read one of them better beer review blogs like you would probably find on Tumblr. 

We poured to a packed house of executives and interns and were impressed at the crisp and cool looking nature of this one as it splashed around in the glass. A small head formed about one and a half fingers wide and dissipated to a slight head with lacing hanging onto the sides in that sexy manner that it can do when you are lucky to get lacing going down your glass. 

It didn't have a strong IPA smell to it.  Could it be that it is an English IPA so things are a bit toned down? Wait…. toned dow? At 6.3% I would hardly call that toned down. After having the first few sips it was definitely toned down as opposed to other IPA's. It was nice and easy to drink and as I got into it more it became that more enjoyable. 

A hazy murky slightly light hoppy sort of beer. Zero of that now old school IPA bitterness at the end. The taste does seem to ride around your mouth. A weird reviewer would say it flows around your mouth in an orgasmic fashion but I am not going to say that. For an IPA this was too easy to drink and be careful with this one as they mask that high alcohol content quite well those cheeky bastards. This could spell trouble for some folks. 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

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