Saturday, December 31, 2022

Beer New Years. Tool Shed Brewing, Flat Cap Stout

 Just sit back and let me complain about night shift recovery week for a bit. . Yesterday was my first official full day and I surprisingly felt ok. I was tired but it was not a deathly tired that grips at every fibre of your being. A ride happened yesterday and it was special cause Friday night shift recovery rides are super rare and it gave me hope for the week and I thought today was going to be ride number two for the week off and of course more importantly I added some more digits to my year total. 

My year totals have been in the garbage for a while now and there is not a lot I can do about it other than quit my job. 

Today I am super deadly ill tired. Fatigue comes randomly throughout the week and this was my day to feel like garbage. I had planned on riding actual trails today but instead I am doing a beer review. Instead of riding I spent a bunch of time on the phone looking at garbage like Instagram and Reddit. Now Reddit is pretty great and has tons of information. The only problem are the people commenting, if you just stay away from looking at the comments you will be fine. Reddit people I believe are the most fucked out of all the platforms. 

That was my day, now I wouldn't be upset with phone internet if I was so damn tired and got out and had a bit of a life now wouldn't I? Instead it was a chunk of the day of getting annoyed at Instagram and sad for humanity cause of Reddit comments. 

All thanks to nightshift recovery. 

Tool Shed Brewing's Flat Cap Stout from Calgary is the last stout being reviewed for the Christmas holidays. The can features a man in a flat cap hat looking distinguished. A refreshing take on the hat as a guy I know who was perhaps the world's biggest douchebag took to wearing one of these in his thirties and looked like a complete fucking idiot. Or maybe I am just being extra mean because I hated this individual. My brother in law a high school teacher has adopted the hat and I would say it works well. Well done chap. 

We poured and another dark brew hit the tester glass and was capped with very little head. A common thing amongst stouts the experts say. A one and a half fingered head stood around for the photo and dissipated to a light dusting in a matter of minutes. A sweetened version of coffee is what I took in from a few sniffs, the usual roasted malt, liquorice and dark fruits seemed to round it out.

It tasted quite well, a pleasant mouthfeel is what happens when you taste one of these and my friend, I can assure you that. Dark chocolate and dirt from some of the local Banff trails are evident in this one, by dirt  mean the good tasting dirt. This one was so delicious Lana Del Ray's Black Beauty just started playing on the Bluetooth. Like the others, coffee, malted pine needle and toffee are in this one. If you haven't figured it out I am insinuating this one has 'earthy' tones. 

Yes I am a dork, terribly sorry about that bitching. 

Happy New Years kids. 

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.

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