Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Nose Ice Delight

It was stupid cold today and thankfully people on Twitter and Instagram made sure to post screenshots from their phones weather app as if they feel they are doing a service to the world to let them know how cold it is on their side of the world with captions like "ugh, I miss Mexico" or "only in Alberta LOL." Yes I am sure you would love to go back to Mexico you fat alcoholic so you can drink for a week straight and come back with more boring drunk Mexico stories to bore your co workers with.

Oh boy I think that cold ride put me in a mood and I didn't get my post ride bath! On the coldest bike ride of the year, oh the horror. 

The ride was below the Lonebiker minimum 8km to get posted rule but I am posting it because people will think I'm rad for riding in cold weather. So fuck ya kids! 

Well no, due to lack of riding and posts about riding I feel any content is better than no content, oh and plus you will think I am super rad for riding in the super cold. The route was in Capilano where I found the now old classic Golddigger where I bailed out as I felt very uncomfortable with the heavy breathing, cold weather and heavy amounts of clothing which I felt quite restricting. It was a weird feeling and I did not like it. 

I pussied out and rode multi use and crossed the mighty Ainsworth Dyer footbridge where I rode up top and rode along the houses for a bit and found the Capilano footbridge where I crossed and ended it. My right foot was starting to get very cold so it was good timing. 

This is Getting Repetitive

\ Welp, after fixing the glaring grammatical error on yesterday's post it is time to write another Cameron Heights start post work bike ...