Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Pre Chiefs Eagles Super bowl Telford Lake Shitbike Session

 I was going for longest lonebiker title on record cause I have nothing that exciting to talk about. Oh hey. Did you watch the Super Bowl? It's a shame that a bullshit call kinda ruined things in the end.

The ride happened on the shit bike and within the first few pedal strokes I quickly remembered the last ride last Spring where the crank arm was wobbly which can cause the drivctrain to skip annoyingly and relentlessly. It was not dealt with sadly after last season and I had to deal with it today.

I hear you mocking me and my poorly maintained bikes… 

Thankfully in the big ring the bike ran kinda fine. I could hammer down on the pedals and it felt pretty great. No I did not stand up and sprint as that would be a potential bad crash waiting to happen if extreme skipping started happening. The small ring gave no skipping and the middle was by far the worst. I kept it in the big ring for the trip around the lake cause I am badass biker and all. 

Plus the whole thing is pretty flat.

In the end. It was pretty great, Leduc is close and when it comes to local rides I'll go there ten times over Beaumont. 

The new brakes were top notch.

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