Saturday, March 25, 2023

Beer Friday. Coors Light


Back to a major brand this time around. It does not get any more major than Coors Light and am quite confused as to how we have not done this one yet.. I checked the records, I checked the Archives even and I can't find it. An article for USA today from 2018 showed it as number two overall. I am sure it is still near the top or at the top. 

I've had this a few times before and always found it ordinary. Good still but ordinary and what always got me was the price of a six pack vs a competitor and how much more expensive Coors Light is. It's not that special. Or is it? Well it's here at the testing lab now isn't it? Lets get going… 

Coors was established in eighteen seventy three in Golden, known for their Silver Bullit ads and having taps at literally every stadium across North America.

It poured a golden fresh stream of tempting deliciousness into the tester glass just like those fresh streams of Colorado. Yes it got me quite excited and once I got serious and had a sniff I knew just what we were cooking with her. It gave off a faint smell of light hops and thats all I got. It tasted of exciting mountain streams mixed with all the trees and rock faces that make the mountains so kick ass cause this beer was born in Colorado bitches. 

I wish I could say that. This one is still decent and I get the appeal of after a hard ride or at a ball game. It is however a fine tasting all to common over priced pilsner with nothing fancy to bring to the table. A slight taste of corn mixed with light hops makes it good. I did find it a tad refreshing to be honest. 

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5. 

*as far as rides this week go it will be very hit or miss, no bikes in good shape where the budget got destroyed with the dog goings on news as of late, sorry but the content will be a bit low.

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