Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Don't Lose Wednesday

It was another abhorrent set of days off from a poor night shift recovery and day after day I missed ride after ride sitting like a fool in my housecoat mad at the world (thanks reddit.) It was my last chance today and although I felt groggy and super gross I knew I would regret it terribly so off I went. 

But just barely.

An old school start in the mighty Mill Creek for a paved ride until I realized "what the hell am I doing?" and took Blueman group up to Dirty Mattress and a slight dip into West Coast and Old Timers. I crossed the Walterdale and giggled at the millennials taking pictures for Instagram.

What is it with that bridge?

I powered out after crossing and the irony of seeing so many E-bikes and my strange loathing glances but did think of how nice it would be to have one for the return trip. I was spent. 

I think E bikes vastly outnumber regular bikes now. At least today it did. 

Work tomorrow. At least I didn't lose Wednesday's ride. 


double seriously? 

This is Getting Repetitive

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