Wednesday, July 5, 2023

A Vain Attempt at a Ride

 This was a rather pathetic ride attempt but you know what? It was the highest kilometre ride all set off (actually, I am really not sure) and I had absolute no give but I somehow gave her so I want you all standing up at once and applauding the great Lonebiker and you know what punks? If you have to stand up and applaud in your cubicle in front of others… tell them it's for the lonebiker cause they will understand. You go right ahead and start applauding chumps.

The fatigue and lack of leg give was  all brought on by some heavy work being done in the basement  the last couple days. My legs were done going up the stairs in the morning but I rode cause work looms. It was a rough start so I chose no hills and stayed out of the valley and did what some would call a decent Strathcona loop. 

Hold on a second… did I say a 'decent Strathcona loop?'

The end sucked ass. I ended up on Calgary Trail northbound and 62 avenue (I think) and rode very bike unfriendly routes for a bit with some ass puckery happening in wide open Edmonton traffic. This shit scares me now that I am older. The amount of assholes staring at their phones while piloting a 3000 pound  plus vehicle is quite scary and you should have your wits working full time while in traffic which is why I turned my earphones down a bit

Cause safety first. 

I was tired and lethargic today and to think I got nights starting tomorrow night which brings on tired and lethargic human activity to a whole new low level. 

Yay me, get ready for a music post! Wheee...

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