Sunday, July 2, 2023

No Sun Along the Sturgeon

It was one of those days where it seemed like the headwind was always coming at you. It was a leg and arm tight wearing kind of day but it really isn't that cold out. It did drop quite a bit from that hotass Friday weather we had so it was noticeable.The weather was not great and it was built for this new bike of mine.

St Albert was the destination and a rather enjoyable valley ride from end to end was had. The town is pretty sweet and their valley is quite nice to ride through. The houses in the older areas are quite unreal. St Albert does have those shitbag new neighbourhoods though. it's sad, no town is immune from them.

I escaped into suburbia in behind backyards on one of the nicest backyard trail systems I have ever been on.The trees and overall zen was real cool. Fook me St Albert is nice!

The new bike still rules, I cannot believe how quiet it is. Two more E-bikes were taken down today with young riders…. Mind you they were riding with their wives or girlfriends so never mind. It wasn't a true e-bike take down. I am more than happy with the bike and it is still fun as hell to ride.


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