Sunday, August 13, 2023

I Know It's Not Singletrack but…

A ride still happened on a day a ride shouldn't have happened. I even had my pre ride spaghetti for a planned afternoon singletrack assault on the beloved Moots. 

But damnit kids that dreaded over the top night shift recovery fatigue hit me and I was out on the couch with preseason NFL football (fuck ya) on in the background. A chance of a ride had no chance. 

Then along came a gravel bike named Octane One… 

Rides like this would have never happened  before. Ok wait a second, I am lying, I just did it on the Moots but stayed local. The gravel bike gets me out of town and I rode that son of a bitch to the Eagle Rock golf course and back. It was a good 20 km or so ride and very little effort was put into it, or so I felt. I was tired as fuck.

This bike on these rides… perfect and it was a perfect night. 

what is this bullshit and why did I put it on my bike? came in quite handy actually


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