Friday, August 25, 2023

Six River Crossings on Sore Legs

A rough work set had me down and out on the firs glorious day shift day off yesterday  but I was ready to get up and conquer today so I thought I would start conquering the Science park, the land of the suspicious looking older guy who sits and stares out at the parking lot from his vehicle. 

Yes, I know I would be labeled an 'older' guy now but I make no hesitation when I park there and get out of my Jeep immediately and mount the bike and go with zero delay and zero staring into the abyss with my vehicle not running and the windows up. 

Phew Im glad I got that out of the way. I didn't want you guys to think I was one of those weird ones.

I entered the valley and rode through the refinery stained Rundle and soon found my way up top on Ada boulevard with very sore legs from work knowing this ride was a bit hampered but I pushed myself to keep going not letting work activities get in the way of yet another bike ride.

A roll through the dark underbelly of Edmonton along the LRT tracks amongst the homeless and I must say the current status would be 'mega fucked' now and sadly I know things will just keep getting worse. 

I found the High Level and crossed on the rare east side and followed Saskatchewan drive with plans to ride the south valley back but the feeling of my legs made me cross the river to avoid the hills. I did find the Capilano bridge and crossed it to ride up to the top of the valley in Capilano. 

That hill was the final one that destroyed me. I was done and bonked and slowly made my way back to the Science Park. It was an ok ride and again I had to ride the new bike cause the trails were sloppy from rain. 

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