Sunday, September 10, 2023


With things seeming to turn back to normal I took out the gravel bike on a test run on one of the easiest routes I can ride in Leduc around the lake. Ironically I have been riding there lots lately. 

It is a bloody nice little spin, I know I have touted this ride many of times in past posts so I won't go on. 

The annoying part of the ride was not bringing a bell and riding on a popular route on a very nice Sunday morning so many people were passed on the grass off the trail away from them. As usual the dog walkers who would take over the whole trail were plentiful today.

A quick trip around the lake in that park named after a greasy politician and I made it back with no exciting stories. He could have been a nice guy but I think all politicians are just greaseball human beings. 

The back held up which makes me happy although a slight tinge of pain did show up and I blasted that fucker with five Percocet's.

Bah ha ha… 

take that ya hairlips!


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