Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Happy Tuesday?

 So here we are with another down and out update. The back has officially given up again and another trip to emergency was had via myself and the Jeepers where the pain eventually got so bad that I knew I couldn't drive home. The heavy drugs they gave me to control the pain were probably a factor in getting a ride too. 

Oh yes… and the nurse asking me if I had a ride home. 

It was Mrs Lonebiker who came to the rescue and I have been in recovery mode since. As far as riding goes it's hard to say when it will happen but I am hoping pretty fuckin soon. So maybe I will do a beer review every night till I get better and ride again? 

Oh no, that's a stupid idea. 

Concordia or Die

 A huge improvement on yesterday and this one was started in the weird refinery park otherwise known as Goldstick. It was all singletrack on...