Friday, October 20, 2023

Beer Friday. Bent Stick Brewing, Big Shiny IPA Vol. II

 Another smashingly beautiful day and I spent the majority it getting shit done in the ways of buying a new vehicle. The Jeep is being donated to Lonebiker Jr because Lonebiker Jr rules 

A deal was done for a new ride and the date is set for the exchange which will give me about thirteen days to enjoy the last moments with my beloved Jeep. The best thing about what is happening is it will stay in the family and I will always see it. 

The new car is just an ordinary white four door hatchback. It is basically a basic bitch mobile but this is coming from someone who thought that driving a Jeep wasn't a basic bitch mobile when in fact Jeeps have become basic bitch mobiles since they introduced their soccer mom edition. Yes I don't like the four doors but I think they don't care as they are still sitting on bags of money that the four doors have brought in for them. 

I think this has been the most vehicle talk in the history of this blog and I'm sorry. 

Bent Stick has been on here before and they are back, I believe this is an Edmonton brewery or somewhere in the area. Ugh… just hold on. Yes they are from Edmonton and join the list of prominent Edmonton area brewers. This Midwestern style of IPA comes in a bit heavy at 6.5% 

The pour was fine and it gave a classic golden murky kinda looking beer but cleaner looking than a lot of IPA's I've had before. A two fingered head showed itself and as it went down there signed of glass lacing coming when this one is going down. Ooooooh baby.

This one is a real finely blended mixture of good hops I must say. Again though I am starting to miss that old classic feel of the now classic IPA bitter aftertaste. Is it because most people found it disgusting? Ugh….  Yes I didn't like that IPA aftertaste at first but I grew to love it like all true to the heart IPA enthusiasts. Can you imagine the bearded men that would crowd a convention hall at an India Pale Ale conference? 

This one grew on me as it was downed and that is a sign of a good beer. Could this be one of the best IPA's that I ever had? It's up there. As I am close to the bottom each sip is savoured now. The citrusy grapefruit undertone really makes this one enjoyable. Now before I close there is a little bit of that IPA dirty aftertaste lingering in my throat. So fuck ya and good job for throwing a bone to the IPA dorks Bent Stick.

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5. 

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