Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Lonebiker History of Late November Dry Rides

 I think this is by far the most memorable late November year we have had since this blog was started back in 2009. It was a late November as well but nothing close to this year. This was typed out on November 22 and there is zero snow in the forecast so I am wondering if I will not need to pull out the fat bike when I get off work. 

I was wondering about other years when it was dry and the fun and nimble bikes kept going. So I came up with a list of every year when I started actual winter riding or if mentioned it snowed in a beer review or music post. 

It looks like 2016 is the year to beat for late snow falls. Can 2023 just do it!?

2022, Nov 5. music post, early year

2021, Nov 20 snowed work.

2020, Nov 7 beer review. 4.5 suds!

2019, Nov 8-9 one of these days...

2018, Nov 11 fat bike for the vets

2017, Nov 22 snow ride

2016, Dec 9. beer review and reigning champ

2015, Dec 5 a close second

2014, Nov 22 broke wrist, new bike.

2013, Nov 7 pervert

2012, Nov 7 blizzard

2011, Nov 15 riding

2010, Nov 21 a bitch post

2009, Nov 28 lots of ice

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