Friday, November 17, 2023

What the Hell Was That?

A very strange and shitty ride that started with a fire in the woods and ended with a smack in the head by an angry tree which I am sure lowered its mass a little more to lean into the trail to get me. 

That rat tree bastard.

It started with a homeless encampment on fire. A huge problem nowadays in the city. One of the occupants (I assume) showed up on his bike and was yelling obscenities at the firefighters. yes he was really cool and immediately put me in a bad mood.

This ride was so bad that I put the bike up for sale early into a very shortened ride. The power climbs and skipping have always been a problem with that thing `and it was over the top today. There was a slight skewer malfunction which did change things when I tightened it up but still on the power climbs it skipped. 

A guy on an e-bike passed by me as I walked up a climb in furious anger of the incessant skipping. It was the last climb and it was all downhill afterwards so I was in a 'fuck that guy' kind of frame of mind as he did have a smug kinda look on his face towards me walking my piece of shit bike as his bike powered him up the power climb. 

"I'm catching that fucker going down!" I murmured to myself and it was on.

I turns out it didn't take much to catch him as he was in no hurry. Or maybe his battery was running low… ha ha ha ha.. but as I sped towards him my bike progressively got shittier and shitter. 

The skipping.

The loose rear wheel..

The loss of control…..

The sudden lurched braking when crossing a root garden……..

That is when I stopped. (damn it! e bike guy got away.) My skewer was half hanging out my wheel when I investigated. 

Yes. I am an idiot. 

While this was going on I had posted an ad for the bike on the trail beside it after I threw it in the trees and I had been texting Kent on a possible ride meet up. 

I finally met up with Kent in Emily Murphy and we took the backside up to Silver Fox where I had just come down. It was going smooth and on the switchbacks I head butted a tree quite hard where immediately I felt like I was going to throw up and that was followed by a headache but otherwise I felt ok. The headache died off and the pain in my neck started rearing itself. 

It was most likely the last ride on the Rocky Mountain. The bike rode better after the skewer incident (but still skipped on climbs) and my head feels fine now while typing. the neck is quite sore though. We hope to ride tomorrow but I am older and took a good shot to the head so we will see.

I sadly had to leave Kent on his way. I stopped riding at the car. The whole thing was a shame.

one last glory shot

even kent says 'f' you rocky mountain!

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