Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Beer Boxing Day. Annex Ale Project, Polar Beer Kölsch

 Greetings kids, I hope that your Christmas was top notch and were spoiled with tons of gifts as well as your family. Here is hoping none of that horrid political talk didn't enter its way onto the dinner table causing fights, arguing and all the bullshit that comes with that type of childish behaviour that flows so well during those discussions.

It was top notch for us and I am glad to report that another Garmin GPS was gifted which ends that horrid tracking that my phone has been doing since June when my poor GPS flew out of my jersey that day in Fort Saskatchewan because I was too dumb to attach and tether it to my bars. I do remember showing up and realizing I forgot my mount at home switching bikes so I had no choice but still…

Oh and no political talk was had whatsoever at Lonebiker headquarters which is the way it should be. This review is super late as I am in the middle of a swell night set and have one more to go tomorrow and then I am off for a week of nightshift recovery which shouldn't be too bad but it still sucks. 

This one is from Calgary which is that city three hours down the road. They have a taproom like any proper craft brewery should and have four year round beers keeping things simple. On the other end they have a ton of seasonal beers including tonights which was made for the arrival of polar bears at the Calgary zoo. 

It poured a crisp clean looking Kölsch and had a small and shy one fingered head that didn't hang out for very long and was reduced to some light lacing on the sides. It had the usual bread like smell to it but it was very faint. It was smooth and had a light malty taste to it. There wasn't anything special about this one to be honest. I keep sipping and looking for more things to write about it but I can't really find anything. 

Let's have another sip and see if I can pick up anything. Hold on…

I don't know man. It is decent but doesn't bring anything interesting to the palate. It is 5% but has light beer vibes but I do have to remind myself that it is a Kölsch. They are supposed to be easy and light tasting so in the end Annex did well. This would be great for someone who doesn't really know what they want when choosing a beer. 

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5. 

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