Saturday, December 2, 2023

Global Fat Bike Day?

I'm sorry but there is no snow so I am not recognizing Global fat Bike Day as this is extremely unusual so I was out on my gravel bike which is the antithysis of fat bikes because fuck ya.Warm weather, no snow. Thank you El Nino.

*thinks of upcoming wildfire season, shakes under desk… 

But nonetheless, a shitbag of a ride happened under a great deal of fatigue brought to you by night shift recovery. It's a real bitch. Have I mentioned that previously? 

I made it around the lake otherwise known as Telford. The legs were not into this one bit and I started thinking about skinwalkers in the remote dark areas and freaked myself out a bit. 

My imagination is bad for night rides, although the older I get the less I care. 

It was slow and lame and had way too many stops but still beat sitting on the couch.

Well maybe.. 


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