Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Train Day

A day spent on the new Valley Line LRT after a badass cold snap where I hunkered indoors thankfully watching football playoffs. 

You know what kids near the end of that football watching streak I was ready to go insane. I needed to get out and thank dam-nit I finally made it out thanks to that new train the big city next door built. The Valley Line light Rail. A new line opened up this year linking the southeast to the rest of the world and I rode that glorious line today with the highlight of coming down the mighty valley and crossing the new sexy Tawatinâ up on top. 

Whoaa boy.. 

It was exciting on the trip to downtown to the end but after a visit downtown and seeing the library that got modified as some would say to look like a tank (go Ukraine!) I felt I should have a tetanus shot when I was done and settled in for the return trip where I really wished I had a shot to the arm. Things in Edmonton are sure dirty now. 

Ahh yes, public transit. To all that use it everyday I say Godspeed kids… Godspeed. 

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