Sunday, February 18, 2024

Smoke Crack and Hail Fat Bikes

Pretty damn fine ride that had lots of internal swirling questions like

* 'Why are there so many white dudes out running in a t shirt and shorts right now? Those silly whites...'

* 'Do I ride this still, its muddy but not?' 

* 'It's probably coming to an end, ride what I can.'

*' Does my wife find my stories of modelling 1/48 scale German Luftwaffe 1940's era aircraft arousing?'

* How is that poor Chiefs player gonna handle the swifte backlash when he and her split up.'

And so on and so on….

Yet I was quite focused and enjoyed the singletrack that I did ride but did avoid a bunch as I do not have a lot of fat bike miles this year and was worried about handling the steep ruts and shitty things like that, crowds are a problem too especially on a warm Sunday like we had yet again. 

This upcoming wildfire season really worries me.

The ride originated at the filming of a new Punjabi rap video which was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The Science park parking lot took me down into Rundle and back across where I avoided anything hard and rode paved like a chump and took some short singletrack hits here and there and crossed the Capitano foot bridge and ended up on the golf course for some cool riding moments until I decided to just get the hell out of there and walked up the ridge to Ada Boulevard paid homage to my amaze daughter and rode Higher Education downward for a rare change. 

It had questionable moments of very short lived mud which was barely enough to scare anybody but to think of how bad it will get with warmer temperatures coming soon yet. 

Go fuck yourself El Nino.

The singletrack I rode today was all amazing. Would say ride of the year for 24 so far. 

potty break, off trail of course! 

paying respects to the genius of the family

questionable conditions for sure only to get worse, bummer


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