Sunday, March 10, 2024

Pillow Legs and a Short Valley Loop

Pillow sack legs full of flour seemed to want to slow me down on an Old Timers start where I immediately turned around after starting on West Coast as it was pocket marked with steps and ruts. Once I turned around I went the opposite way towards the glorious Tawatinâ and crossed the Low Level and came back to the Tawatina and crossed and rode Bird House Trail and climbed up to the multi use in the Ewok area.

I wanted to avoid a group of walkers further down the trail.I mean... they were going the same way I was and would have been kind of annoying to pass by.

The snow was fine and I took the multi use along the Riverside golf course avoiding the climbs and crossed the Capilano bridge and rode up the sweet switchbacks of Lowclass and retreated on Higher Education due to warm sink in pocket marked snow.

I rode the paved like a chump instead and eventually found my way back to the truck happy the ride was over.


Basking in That Terwillegar Glow

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