Friday, April 19, 2024

Beer Friday. Annex Ale project. Evolution Revolution

 Yes the weather won, And yes I have been a bit of a chump as of late due to the weather but I don't care. A seemingly ok start to the newfound riding schedule which has been hampered by weather and my weak inner soul. 

As I said yesterday a light skiff of snow hit us cause it's Canada which came with below zero temperatures and high winds which sucked bad after plus 16 degree days beauty days where everything screamed Spring!  

Canada is a raging whore when it comes to changing weather.

Speaking of Canada, tonight's beer review comes form our friendly neighbours down south which reminds me to wish their hockey club good luck and hope they don't meet the Oilers in the playoffs starting quickly…

*intern leans in..  

Well bummer about those Flames guys. I wish a fairly giant hearty good luck sirs! That goes out to our local hockey sportsmen. The Edmonton Oilers ice hockey team! I'm sorry but I don't know why but I am trying to sound European for some reason. Dear lord. Enough, let's just get to the beer.

Did this pour a pinkish colour or am I insane? *turns on flashlight and hold up beer. Ok.. it's salmon and I'm sorry I said pink earlier. It had a nice fruity scent to it and in a weird way reminded me of Five Alive but in beer format so I guess really nothing like Five Alive. 

Oh man. I must be the most terrible beer reviewer ever. 

It was fruity for sure but not like Five Alive. This has a a nice sweet fruity taste to it but it seemed to marred in darkness. aka I guess the alcohol. Does that make sense? It is a light content at about 4.3% I believe. It is a nice mix fruits with a sour like taste which took me back to those sour soothers while downing this one. This one can be a bit sour for some so beware.

It was nice and enjoyable. that being said if you are into sour fruit beers this one is for you. For the others it's nice and different and worth seeking out.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5. 

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