Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Winds Blow in Alberta This Time of Year

Alberta is windy as fuck in April. yourself may have complained about the insane wind we have been having lately. I have spouted off a few times to the fine looking Lonebiker sidepiece aka Mrs Lonbiker to which zero cares are given back. Like come on man... "you are the one that chooses to ride out there" she says. I guess but could it not be so windy?

Wind has never been much of an issue as most of the riding is in enclosed sheltered trees. The gravel bike has introduced me to wind and this year has been a bit rough but manageable with no wide open headwinds on long straight aways.  I can see how that happens with this kind of bike and today it took me a bit to get going as every time I stepped out of the car the heavy winds made me tuck my tail and sit in my car and contemplate life...

So after I sucked it up I started the ride at the dog walk outside legends golf course somewhere in Strathcona county which takes you to Fort Saskatchewan. 

Usually a damn good ride and today easily topped yesterday as I hit Fort Saskatchewan and rode the easy part of the loop singletrack looping back to the car. 

Singletrack is not easy on a gravel bike. My forearms were killing me after that little bit from holding on and using the brakes. It was still cool and gave a whole new experience on these trails and now am wondering if an end to end run from Turner park would happen soon. 

The wind was never an issue and it was in my favour along my way back through some wide open fields. 

This almost didn't happen which would have been a shame as it was quite fine overall. That dang gravel bike is too much fun. 

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